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 Posted: Tue Aug 6th, 2019 01:23 am
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I could go on a long long time here but I'll just do it in onesies if the thread stays active.

My very first concert was in June of 1974 at MSG for The Who Quadrophenia Tour. I was all of 15 years old and even though I was a city kid and somewhat already jaded, going into Manhattan by subway with my juvenile delinquent friends somehow upset my mother to no end. We had gotten the tickets through mail order lottery and IIRC they were about six or seven bucks. We get inside the building with no difficulty but once we were inside it was like Dante's Sixth Ring of Hell. Virtually every last person there was so fucked up on some kind of something that it literally sucked your life essence out of you. I'm walking through the corridors and there was this pretty black girl with long dreadlocks walking right at me. Her eyes didn't even belong to a human she was so fucked up. She bumps into me, looks straight at me, her eyes roll up in her head like the Undertaker, and she takes a front flop exactly like the one Ric Flair made famous. Her head hit the concrete first with a sickening thud. Her dreadlocks were kind of splayed outwards. I saw a steady pool of blood start to trickle out. It very quickly started to spurt even though she was face down. However, just then, they turned the lights out and everybody rushed back to their seats. For all I know she may still be there. Welcome to the world of New York City rock and roll concerts.

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