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 Posted: Tue Aug 6th, 2019 02:54 am
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I live a quiet and mostly unremarkable life and therefore have to rely on the tales of others to add to this thread. I missed this particular night but my friends who were there have told the story enough times that I might as well have been.

Years ago, they went to Metallica and drank very heavily before ever entering the arena where they drank more. The most intense fan of the band and of metal and hard rock in general of this group was so hammered and fired up that when Metallica started playing its opening song, he let out a war yell and then body checked our friend to his right at full force. That guy then crashed into our friend on his own right with equal force, sending them both ass over tea kettle into the two rows of seats below of them. 

The people they landed on were unhappy to put it mildly and one dude was ready to fight, but my friend who was the collateral damage rather than the target of the good natured check pointed to the checker who was headbanging intensely and in his own world and then said "yo, that guy's fucked up". Somehow this worked and the seemingly inevitable fight was averted. Meanwhile the fourth member of this concert going party was on the other side of the checker where he was making out with the girl next to him on the other side who he'd met less than an hour before.

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