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 Posted: Tue Aug 6th, 2019 03:25 am
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2005. Went to the Saints-Giants MNF game at Giants Stadium. This was after Katrina and was technically a Saints home game. It was weird seeing the Saints logo all over the place.

Anyway, it wasn't you typical Giants Stadium crowd. A lot younger and a lot drunker. We were sitting in the upper deck in sec 336 and there was all kinds of shit going on. Girls making out with each other. A chick with fake d cups flashing everyone. 4000 fights, including 2 guys that crowd surfed 60 rows down punching the shit out of each other. The only thing that stopped them was the plexiglass in the 1st row of the upper deck. I dont think we saw security after the 3rd quarter. I think they just said fuck it at one point.