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 Posted: Tue Aug 6th, 2019 08:35 am
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1/3/1956 Cleveland OH
Frank Sexton beat Gypsy Joe Gonzales
Seelie Samara beat Bob Leipler (Duke Hoffman)
Lord Littlebrook & Little Beaver beat Sky Low Low & Fuzzy Cupid
Billy Watson beat Lord Layton
Bobby Bruns beat Gene Stanlee DQ

1/23/1956 Rochester NY
Frank Sexton draw Killer Kowalski
Bob Leipler (Duke Hoffman) draw Nick Roberts
Gypsy Joe Gonzales beat Tony Angelo
Johnny Barend draw Pat O'Connor

3/15/1956 Rochester NY
Frank Sexton beat Roy McClarity
Johnny Barend beat Maurice LaPointe
Tony Silipini (Tony Marino) beat Frank Scotty Thompson
Dick Derwald beat Firpo Zbyszko

3/16/1956 Buffalo NY
Frank Sexton beat Hard Boiled Haggerty (Don Stansauk) COR
Wladek Kowalski beat Ian Campbell
Ilio DiPaolo & Don Beitelman (Don Curtis) draw Fritz Von Erich & Karl Von Schober
Pat O'Connor beat Wee Willie Davis
Masked Marvel beat Johnny Barend
Whipper Billy Watson beat Gorgeous George

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