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 Posted: Wed Aug 7th, 2019 02:38 am
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WongLee wrote: Benlen wrote: WongLee wrote: srossi wrote: I always wondered this myself. Pretty hard to work if you ask me. I always assumed they just basically created characters and feuds and big spots and couldn't possibly choreograph every spot.Yeah I thought similar. Most of these guys and gals were experienced and like pro wres fighters, they could call the match right on the track. I'd like to know a bit more in-depth though. Did the teams know who was going to win that night before they went to the arena? Plus the bumps seemed brutal. Did they teach bumping in Derby school? Did the Roller Derby have their own Loo Theis?
Charlie O Connell, Anne Cuvello and Joanie Weston were the Lou Thez of Roller Derby.
They still have roller Derby schools and leagues in San Francisco though its not like what you use to see on TV.
Which actually leads to another question. In the 60's and 70's where did they recruit skaters from? There were a couple of wrestling schools in that time frame most notably Mae Young's out the Olympic Auditorium and Tony Santos on the East Coast in New England. But where did the Roller stars pop out from? It's funny that there was not one single crossover star who did both pro wrestling and the Derby/Games.
Sonny Roger's, AWA job guy wrote over at kayfabe memories wrote he initially tried to break into derby before breaking into wrestling.