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 Posted: Sat Aug 10th, 2019 03:47 pm
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Absolutely can't say a bad word about Corney during his run as a manager, and SmW was fun for what it was. Today he's a cartoon character, and if you accept that, his podcast stuff is entertaining. It amuses me that he talks about wrestling history as if he was in the front row for every major event from Gotch-Hackenschmidt onwards. He is very knowledgable, though. It also amuses me that he used to rag on ECW forever for being garbage wrestling and the fans chanting for the promotion meant that none of the wrestlers were over. Today he talks up Tommy Dreamer as being a model pro wrestler because he doesn't like guys like Orange Cassidy and "the grenade guy" exposing the business. I wish he'd lighten up a bit on his criticism of today's non-WWE product.

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