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 Posted: Mon Aug 12th, 2019 03:19 am
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kargol wrote:

The outstanding ones are probably someone twatting Viler Jack Grealish last season on the pitch, which was moronic because it basically kickstarted their season, and in 1992 a mass pitch invasion caused by a referee (to be fair, he was so bad, I have to assume he was on a bribe) that saw him get twatted, the game interrupted for 30 minutes while the rozzers cleared the stadium, and then completed behind closed doors. (Said ref never refereed again. I wonder if someone saw the match video.)

You'll have to excuse me. I'm American so I don't speak English. What is 'twatting'? It sounds like something I would definitely be in favor of. I always wanted to be a soccer hooligan. Never had the chance to do that because I live in New York and we only play real sports.

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