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 Posted: Mon Aug 12th, 2019 02:33 pm
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The Ultimate Sin wrote: srossi wrote: Heenan Fan wrote: So I'm guessing nobody here buys the suicide story?
The only possible way that he committed suicide is if he paid off a guard to let him do it, something that would be one so obvious so quickly that the guard would be caught before he ever got to spend a dime. So this has to go much deeper than that. And the brazenness of the act, to either kill him or allow him to kill himself, knowing that everyone has been joking about that very thing for weeks and no one would ever buy the official story, just goes to show how powerful the people were who needed him dead. People are so dumb though that they will get away with it while everyone shares funny memes on Facebook and argue with each other over whether it was Trump or Clinton who did it. 

Why is suicide so far fetched?  He was on suicide watch, so someone looks in his cell every 30 minutes.  He had 29 minutes to tie his sheet around his neck and jump off his bed.  It's only controversial if you like it to be.

You don’t get bed sheets on suicide watch. You don’t even get shoelaces. That wouldn’t be much of a suicide watch if everyone got 29 minutes to create their own noose. But Epstein was mysteriously taken off of suicide watch the day before, which all the experts say never should’ve happened. There was also a camera “malfunction” so there’s no video of what happened. You might be the only person alive who doesn’t think this is controversial. 

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