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 Posted: Mon Aug 12th, 2019 09:18 pm
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Papa Voo wrote: tamalie wrote: He will not retire. It's just Antonio Brown being dramatic as a way of getting to wear the helmet he prefers.

Do you think the NFL is going to budge on this? 

To belatedly answer this question, I did not base my opinion on the idea that the NFL would budge and let him wear an outdated helmet that didn't meet safety standards. Such a thing would be a lawsuit waiting to happen if he got hurt, regardless of any waivers that may have been signed, and would have set a bad precedent for other players wanting to wear outdated and unsafe equipment for whatever reason. My opinion was based on me not for one second believing Antonio Brown would go through with retiring if he got a final and binding ruling against him wearing his old helmet. It was ridiculous of him to threaten retirement in the first place when such a move was financially damaging to him, would make him look like a joke, and when he had no intention of ever really doing so and was going to back down when, not if, he was shot down.