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 Posted: Wed Aug 14th, 2019 08:41 am
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krazykid18 wrote: WongLee wrote: dr_papufnik wrote: Pretty funny hearing stories about rock shows from the 70s and seeing footage.  Some of these stories, and footage, of the crowds are full on nuts.  People od'ing all around you and a bunch of stabbings.  Of course the people trampled to death at the Who show in 1978 I think.  Saw some non commercial Lynyrd Skynyrd footage from a show in '74 I think.  Crowd were just zombies.  Also men taking their shirts off seemed to be a huge deal at shows in the 70s.  Now I sometimes go and see the exact same bands and people scream at you for standing up in front of them.
In New York City during the mid to late 70's, the drug of choice for most teenagers or people in their early 20's was tuinal and seconal both prescription drugs. These two were powerful barbiturates. Mixing it with alcohol caused you to lose your soul. Crowds were almost always ghouled and zombified. A sweeping change in some laws completely eliminated these prescription drugs from the streets. By the late 70's, amphetamines and alcohol took over. This changed the moods of the crowd from zombies to mind numbing violence. I was at a Ted Nugent/AC-DC show at MSG in 1979 which the NYPD called the "rowdiest show of all time". All the orchestra seats were ripped up off the studs and thrown in a pile that was at least 25 feet high. Some type of accelerant was poured on it, and a huge bonfire was set. At a Parliament-Funkadelic show I saw in 1978, the NYPD Tactical Force stormed the orchestra area twice to break up gang fights between various Harlem factions. When a guy was thrown off the second deck and landed ten feet away from me I knew it was time for this white man to leave. During The Who's 1979 run at the Garden, kids were taking every hot dog and food cart within five blocks and tipping them over on 7th Avenue which became a sea of mustard and Yoo Hoo. By the mid 80's the violence had gone down drastically. It also made the shows a lot less fun in my opinion.

Damn you saw P-Funk in their heyday, damn did you go to other funk/rnb concerts  in the 70's
No that was it. Before I started my career I killed some time working for a department store called A & S. I was on the loading dock and the only white guy there. The brothers and I all became fast friends and hung out together all the time. They were all excited about the P-Funk with Bootsy Collins opening. However, one of their crew couldn't make it at the last minute. They asked me if I wanted to go and said thanks but no thanks. They kept prodding me and I kept saying no. Finally one guy tells me "P-Funk is like the black KISS". I gave him ten points for imagination and said sure. When I got to the Garden i was the only peckerwood there. My buddies took care of me though. Actually, no one even looked at me twice.

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