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 Posted: Wed Aug 14th, 2019 04:25 pm
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I was aware of the OME from their time in the AWA. Apparently they were only brought in because Tully and Arn left and the ME needed another team to work with. When Jim Crockett took the book from Dusty he felt the same way about Rose and booked him to lose the fall in the loser leaves NWA match at Chi Town Rumble. Condrey walked out on the promotion again and was replaced in the match by Jack Victory. 

Post PPV Victory was aligned with Paul E doing the Secret Service gimmick and Rose returned for a time as a babyface. The ME and Corny were going to leave because new booker George Scott allegedly didn't know what to do with them. But when he was fired they ended up staying. They sat out for a couple of months to refresh and took some outside bookings in the interim.

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