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 Posted: Sun Aug 18th, 2019 03:28 pm
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khawk wrote: Benlen wrote: This is from a former Bay Bomber Jim Fitzpatrick

"Roller Games was very scripted according to Bill Griffith’s plans but for Roller Derby Jerry Seltzer stayed pretty much out of the games... Playoffs and the championships were really skated games with few to no fights. A completely legitimate season took place in ‘58 and destroyed things in Madison Square Garden for years... O’Connell’s Bombers were way too dominant and the scores were blow outs."
This reminds me of the "The title matches are real, everything else is fake" line you used to hear about pro wres from rasslers and marks back in the day. I can see the story about the 58 season being kind of true though, like if the pro wrestlers decided to have legit contests...would totally kill a territory and the shooters would dominate I am sure.

The shooters would dominate but as UFC shows it can also go the other way if there’s too much parity. No one successfully defends a title more than twice in a row and the company has trouble creating stars that the fans can get excited about. No one can ever get the rub from a win if everyone loses too frequently. Ironically, this is WWE’s booking strategy too, and last time I checked they were still fake so it shows how dumb they are. 

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.