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 Posted: Mon Aug 19th, 2019 01:37 pm
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Spatulapup wrote: Awesome movie but if you don't know who Sharon Tate or The Manson Family are you will be lost. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio are perfect in this. Great chemistry between the two. Leo puts on a acting clinic in this. He might be nominated for a Oscar for this. Brad is great here too. A total cool badass. This is definitely a guy movie. It's very politically incorrect. It takes place in 1969. It's about 3 days in the life of Leo, and brad's character's  and Sharon tate played by Margot robbie. Leo is a actor who is on the downside of his career and pitt plays his stuntman whose career is also in the crapper.  And Leo just happens to live next door to roman Polanski and Sharon tate who was murdered by the manson family. there are also cameo's by "Bruce Lee " and "Steve Mcqueen". :)

it's a long movie . It's a hang out movie where you spend three days with these people. If you want non stop action and violence you will be disappointed. There is about 10 min of violence in the movie. Its extreme violence But the movie is funny, suspenseful and sad and it has a kickass soundtrack.

Agreed on most of that. I have seen it twice and it's become my favorite Tarrantino movie by far. Leo deserves the Oscar, he's spectacular in this.  I love your description as a hang out movie, that's exactly what it is. This was the first movie as far back as I can remember where I just got sucked into it and enjoyed everything for the moment and wasn't looking for the next big payoff....each time it ended I was sad it was over..

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