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The Savoldis' ICW has always interested me for the mix of talent they attracted, even though they had a high turnover of wrestlers and the TV was wildly inconsistent. I haven't seen a dedicated thread here yet for this curious promotion, so let's get cracking! I've shared these results and line-ups already on Kayfabe Memories. I appreciate any help, additional results/line-ups, corrections, etc.

Sources for the following include the Wrestling Observer, Greg Oliver's Canadian Wrestling Report newsletter (for the 1988 Ontario shows),, Tom Burke's Global Wrestling News Service, Mat Results, and various eBay listings I've run across.

ICW @ Bangor Auditorium
Bangor, ME
January 16, 1985 
Carlos Colon D The Super Medic by CO
Joe Savoldi D King Tonga by DQ
Al Perez D Ray Apollo
Rudy Diamond D The Prince of Pain
Diamond Jim D Mike Kahlua
The Invaders D The Sheepherders by DQ

ICW @ Portland, ME
January 17, 1985
Carlos Colon NC King Tonga 
Sheepherders D Invaders
Tony Ulysses won a battle royal
Diamond Jim D Prince of Pain
Mike Kahlua D Diamond Jim 

ICW @ Bangor Auditorium
Bangor, ME
February 27, 1985 
Universal Heavyweight Championship match: Carlos Colon (champion) vs. Black Gordman
World Tag Team Championship match: Joe Savoldi and Al Perez vs. King Tonga and The Super Medic
North American Tag Team Championship match: The Sheepherders (champions) vs. The Invaders
Dory Funk, Jr. vs. Hercules Ayala
Other matches scheduled

ICW @ Portland Exposition Building
Portland, ME
February 28, 1985 
Carlos Colon D King Tonga 
The Rock and Roll Rockers NC The Sheepherders
Invader #3 and Angelo Gomez defeated The Super Medic and Ray Apollo 
Dory Funk, Jr. defeated Hercules Ayala 
Taras Bulba defeated Kid Cabassa 
Rudy Diamond defeated Diamond Jim

ICW @ Boston, MA
May 6, 1985

ICW @ Manchester, NH
May 07, 1985 

ICW TV taping @ Portland Exposition Building
Portland, ME
May 08, 1985
Universal Heavyweight Championship match: Dory Funk, Jr. (champion) vs. Carlos Colon
International Tag Team Championship match: The Rock and Roll Rockers vs. The Sheepherders
Scheduled to appear: David Schultz, Abdullah the Butcher, The Wild Samoans (Afa, Sika, and Samula), The Tonga Kid, Kevin Sullivan (w/The Fallen Angel), The Invaders, Hercules Ayala, and others

ICW @ Webster, MA
May 09, 1985

ICW @ Lincoln Park Ballroom
Dartmouth, MA
May 09, 1985

Dory Funk Jr. (Universal Heavyweight Champion) DW Carlos Colon
The Rock 'N Roll Rockers D Kevin Sullivan & Ray Apollo
Samoan Sika D Invader #3
Kevin Sullivan  D.CO The Tonga Kid
John Callahan D.DQ Abdullah the Butcher
Rudy Diamond D Ray Apollo 

ICW @ West Warwick Civic Center
West Warwick, RI
June 06, 1985
Start Time: 8:00 PM
For the NWA Heavyweight Title - Nature Boy Ric Flair (champion) vs. Dr. D David Schultz (challenger)
For the Universal Heavyweight Title - Dory Funk Jr. (champion) vs. Carlos Colon (challenger)
For the World Tag Team Championship - The Rock 'n Roll Rockers (champions) vs. The Sheepherders (challengers
For the Jr. Heavyweight Championship - Invader #2 (champion) vs. The Prince of Darkness Kevin Sullivan, with the Fallen Angel
Lady Wrestlers, plus other bouts
Tickets available at West Warwick Civic Center, Ladd$ Music Center, Airport Plaza, Warwick 

ICW @ Monticello Raceway
Monticello, NY
July 17, 1985
Universal Heavyweight Championship match: Dory Funk, Jr. (champion) D Invader #1
Invader #1 won a 12-man battle royal to earn a title shot at Dory Funk, Jr. Participants included The Invaders, The Russian Assassin, Eric Embry, Chief Jules Strongbow, Charlie Fulton, Mike Jones, Joe Savoldi, Samoan Afa, Carlos Colon, David Schultz, and The Tonga Kid

ICW @ Augusta Civic Center
Augusta, ME
July 24, 1985
Scheduled to appear: Bob Backlund, David Schultz, Carlos Colon, and Dory Funk, Jr.

ICW @ Staten Island, NY
September 6, 1985
Att: 750
Tonga Kid DW David Schultz
Dominic DeNucci D Mad Russian #1
Tonga Kid won a battle royal
Johnny Rodz D Ray Apollo
Jules Strongbow D Great Kokina
Tonga #2 D Kurt Von Hess

ICW @ Brooklyn, NY
September 07, 1985
Att: 500
Afa D David Schultz by CO
Tonga Kid & Sika D Mad Russians by DQ
Johnny Rodz D Larry Winters
Jules Strongbow DW Great Kokina
Haiti Kid D Butch Cassidy
Dominic DeNucci D Ray Apollo

ICW @ Lincoln Park Ballroom
Lincoln Park, MA
November 12, 1985
Start Time: 8:00 PM
Main Event: Austin Idol vs. Ox Baker
Jumping Joe Savoldi vs. Playboy Buddy Rose
Tag Team Match: Larry Hamilton & Ron Saxon vs. The Hollywood Blondes
Special $5,000 Match - No Time Limit: Cpl. Terry Daniels vs. The Gambler
Tim Horner vs. Lord Herculon
Plus one other bout
Tickets available at the game room in Lincoln Park

ICW @ Bangor Auditorium
Bangor, ME
January 20, 1986
Joe Savoldi and Austin Idol vs. Kevin Sullivan and The Purple Haze
Terry Daniels vs. Ox Baker
Misty Blue vs. Kat LeRoux
Ron Sexton and Prince Mike Kahlua vs. The Hollywood Blondes
Also appearing: Robbie Ellis

ICW @ West Warwick Civic Center
West Warwick, RI
Wednesday, February 26, 1986
Start time: 08:00 P.M.
Main Event - The Hollywood Blondes vs. Blackjack Mulligan & Barry Windham
Ox Baker vs. Austin Idol
Killer Tim Brooks vs. Jumping Joe Savoldi
Corporal Terry Daniels vs. Randy Rose
Ladies match
Plus 1 other match
Tickets on sale at West Warwick Civic Center and Muffits Music Store

Waltham, MA
March 02, 1986
Start time: 07:00 PM
Kevin Sullivan & The Purple Haze vs. Superstar Billy Graham & Blackjack Mulligan
Bruiser Brody (w/Gary Hart) vs. Randy Rose
Austin Idol vs. Abdullah the Butcher
Jumping Joe Savoldi vs. Hollywood Blonde No. 1, Dusty Wolfe
Corporal Terry Daniels vs. Hollywood Blonde No. 2, Ken Timbs

Tickets on sale at IBEW Hall 

ICW @ Lewiston Memorial Armory
Lewiston, ME
March 20, 1986
Kevin Sullivan and The Purple Haze (w/The Fallen Angel) vs. Blackjack Mulligan and Joe Savoldi
Superstar Billy Graham vs. Kamala
Barry Windham vs. Ron Slinker
Also appearing: Terry Daniels, Dusty Wolfe, Phil Apollo, and Robbie Ellis

ICW TV taping @ IBEW Hall
Waltham, MA
March 21, 1986
Ken Johnson D Terry Daniels by DQ
Joe Savoldi D Tony Rumble
Kevin Sullivan and Mark Lewin W Eric Sbraccia and Carlos Kidd
Hercules Ayala NC with Ron Slinker
Superstar Billy Graham and Blackjack Mulligan D The Scorpions
Dale Apollo D Dusty Wolfe by reverse decision
The Hollywood Blondes (Ken Johnson and Dusty Wolfe) D Terry Daniels and Dale Apollo
Ron Slinker D Carlos Kidd
Joe Savoldi D Kevin Sullivan by DQ
Hercules Ayala D Psycho
Superstar Billy Graham D Scorpion #2
Terry Daniels and Dale Apollo D Dave Foxx and Scorpion #1
Superstar Billy Graham D Carlos Kidd
Dusty Wolfe D Eric Sbraccia
The Pink Assassin D Psycho
Hercules Ayala, Joe Savoldi, and Blackjack Mulligan NC with Kevin Sullivan, Mark Lewin, and Ron Slinker
Al King and The Magnificent Maurice D Scorpion #2 and Tony Rumble

ICW @ Agora Ballroom, in conjunction with 107 WCCC-FM
West Hartford, CT
Friday, May 2, 1986
Doors Open 7:30 PM, Start Time 09:00 PM

Blackjack Mulligan & Joe Savoldi (listed as "Black Jack Mulligan & Joe Savoll") vs. Kevin Sullivan & Purple Haze
Terry Daniels & Phil Apollo (listed as "Teri Daniels & Phil Appolo") vs. Hollywood Blondes
Tiger Tim Conway vs. Pink Angel
World Karate Champion from ESPN vs. Puerto Rico Heavyweight Champion - Ron Slinker vs. Hercules Ayala (listed as "Hercules Ruben Ayalla") 

ICW @ Foxcroft Academy
Dover-Foxcraft, ME
May 5, 1986
12-man battle royal featuring Joe Savoldi, Phil Apollo, The Purple Haze, Kevin Sullivan, Blackjack Mulligan, Robbie Ellis, Hercules Ayala, The Hollywood Blondes, The Pink Assassin, Mike Powers, and The Terminator
Five other matches

ICW @ Roseland Ballroom
Taunton, MA
May 8, 1986
Start Time: 8:00 PM
ICW Title Match: Kevin Sullivan vs. Jumping Joe Savoldi
Hercules Ayala vs. Dusty Wolfe (also listed as Hollywood Blonde #1 on the poster)
Corporal Terry Daniels vs. The Terminator
Roberto Soto vs. Ken Timbs (also listed as Hollywood Blonde #2 on the poster)
Phil Apollo vs. The Pink Angel

Tickets available at the Roseland Bowling Alley

ICW/AWA @ Asbury Park, NJ
September 26, 1986
Phil Apollo D Eric Sbraccia
Sherri Martel D Despina Montaguas
Roberto Soto DW Phil Apollo
Scott Hall NC Col. DeBeers
Jimmy Snuka & Johnny Rich D Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie & Boris Zhukov

ICW @ West Side Theatre
Scranton, PA
Wednesday, November 05, 1986
Start time: 08:00 P.M.

17-man Battle Royal plus 5 other matches
Superfly Jimmy Snuka vs. Larry Zbyszko
The Midnight Rockers vs. Boris Zhukov & Ali Khan
Col. Debeers vs. Curt Hennig
Pretty Boy Doug Somers vs. Johnny Rich
The Ninja vs. Big Foot Ali Oop
Plus ICW & AWA Stars: The Last Warrior, Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie, Charlie Fulton, Playboy
Buddy Rose, Tyree Pride, and 7 ft. 8" 590 lbs. Silo Sam

Tickets available at all Ferris Pizza, Dunmore & Scranton; Boots Doughnuts, Scranton;
Solid State Video Center, Scranton; Westside Theatre, Scranton; Tom & Jerrys, Scranton;
Mary Lou's Card & Gift Shop; Paperback Booksmith, Viewmont Mall;John's Corner News,
Providence Square

ICW/AWA @ the West Warwick Civic Center
West Warwick, RI
Friday, November 7, 1986
Start Time: 8:00 PM 

18 Man Battle Royal, plus 5 other matches
Superfly Jimmy Snuka vs. Larry Zbyszko
Curt Hennig & Johnny Rich vs. Boris Zhukov & Ali Khan
Col. DeBeers vs. Chief J. Strongbow (I'm willing to bet this was Jules Strongbow, but the abbreviation of his first name was most likely done intentionally to invoke Jay Strongbow's name)
The Ninja vs. The Tonga Kid
Phil Apollo vs. Brian Walsh
Plus other ICW/AWA TV stars - Big Foot Ali Oop, Tyree Pride, Alfa the Wild Samoan (Alfa has to be a typo for Afa), Charlie Fulton, Last Warrior, Man Mountain Mike

Tickets available at Ladd's Music Center in Warwick, RI, and Valley Ticket Agency, Coventry, RI 

AWA/ICW @ Manatee Civic Center
Palmetto, FL
November 11, 1986
USA Championship match: Sgt. Slaughter (champion) D Boris Zhukov
AWA World Heavyweight Championship match: Nick Bockwinkel (champion) D Larry Zbyszko
Tyree Pride D The Ninja by DQ
Bugsy McGraw defeated Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie by co
Jim Haley D Col. DeBeers
Scott Williams D Bobby Jay
Attendance: 3,000

ICW @ Bangor Auditorium
Bangor, ME
February 10, 1987
Phil Apollo (ICW Heavyweight Champion) vs. Ivan Putski, non-title match
Joe Savoldi vs. Rusty Brooks
Cousin Jr. vs. Ali Pasha
Roberto Soto and Dave Foxx vs. The Boston Bad Boys
Hillbilly Mike vs. Dr. Red Roberts

ICW @ Lewiston Memorial Armory
Lewiston, ME
March 13, 1987
Ricky Stallone D William Augus
Robbie Ellis D Eric Sbraccia
Ivan Putski D The Mad Russian
The Velvet Angel D Miss Peaches
Rusty Brooks, Dr. Red Roberts, and Phil Apollo D Hillbilly Mike, Tom Brandi, and Brack Burn

ICW TV taping @ Lewiston Memorial Armory
Lewiston, ME
October 8, 1987
Joe Savoldi vs. David Schultz
Also appearing: Tony Atlas, Butcher Vachon, Phil Apollo, The Boston Bad Boys, The Dungeon Master, Adrian Street, and others

ICW @ Bangor, ME
October 9, 1987 
Richard Charland D Eric Sbraccia by DQ 
ICW Tag Team Titles: Tom Brandi & Mike Kahlua (C) d. Paul Butcher Vachon & The Mad Russian (Davey Gee)
Joe Savoldi d The Super Destroyer
Tony Atlas DDQ Iron Sheik
Midget-giant tag team match: Giant Gustav & Sky Low Low D Man Mountain Mike & The Amazing Martine

ICW @ Rockland, ME
October 10, 1987
Scheduled to appear: The Iron Sheik, Tony Atlas, & Adrian Street

ICW @ Rockland, ME
December 22, 1987
The Moondogs D ICW Tag Team Champions Tom Brandi & Mike Kahlua to win the titles

ICW @ Bangor, ME
December 27, 1987
Featuring George Skaaland, Giant Gustav, & Tombstone

ICW @ Miami Marine Stadium
Miami, FL
December 29, 1987
Fifteen-man battle royal featuring The Iron Sheik, Moondogs, Tony Atlas, Joe Savoldi,
Bruiser Brody, and others 

ICW @ Ft. Lauderdale, FL
March 17, 1988

ICW @ Bahamas
March 19, 1988

ICW @ Mechanicville Elementary School
Mechanicville, NY
April 22, 1988
Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Tony Atlas
Joe Savoldi vs. The Dungeon Master
Vic Steamboat and Moondog Spike vs. Tom Brandi and Prince Mike Kahlua
Maurice Pride vs. Nikita Mulkovich
Giant Gustav vs. The Boston Bad Boy
Ladies title match: Miss Heidi vs. Katy Kincaid

ICW @ Lewiston Memorial Armory
Lewiston, ME
April 24, 1988
Tony Atlas vs. The Iron Sheik
Vic Steamboat and Tom Brandi vs. Eric Sbraccia and The Dungeon Master
Robbie Ellis vs. Chris Evans
Other matches to be announced

ICW TV Taping @ Brewer, ME
July 12, 1988
Featuring The Cheetah Kid, Tony Atlas, Tom Brandi, Rocky Johnson, The S&S Express (Joe Savoldi & Vic Steamboat), and Moondog Spike

ICW @ Brampton, ON
August 16, 1988
Tony Atlas D Dungeon Master
Heidi Lee Morgan D Sheena
Vic Steamboat D Dusty Wolf
Gustav the Giant D.DQ Boston Bad Boy
Sheena won a 10-woman graduated Battle Royal
Chris Evans D Lou Fabiano

ICW @ Orangeville, ON
August 17, 1988
Tony Atlas & Vic Steamboat D.DQ Boston Bad Boy & Dungeon Master
Heidi Lee Morgan D Debbie Kovak
Gustav the Giant D Lou Fabiano
Debbie Kovak won a 10-woman Battle Royale
Kathy King Kade & Sheena D Ashley & Amber Allen
Dusty Wolf D Chris "The Edge" Evans

ICW @ Lewiston Memorial Armory
Lewiston, ME
October 07, 1988
The S&S Express (Joe Savoldi & Vic Steamboat) and Giant Gustav vs. The Super Destroyers and The Boston Bad Boy
Chief Gatorwolf vs. Super Destroyer #1
Junior Heavyweight Championship match: Eric Sbraccia (champion) vs. Chris Evans
Lou Fabiano vs. The Boston Bad Boy
George Skaaland vs. The Thing

ICW TV Taping @ Waterville, Maine
October 10, 1988
Lumberjack match: Tony Atlas vs. The Dungeon Master
The Power Twins vs. Joe Savoldi & Vic Steamboat

ICW TV Taping @ Century Gardens
Brampton, Ont
October 19, 1988
Att: 250
Steve Gatorwolf D Sledgehammer
Johnny K-9 D The Jamaican Kid
ICW Tag Team Champions Joe Savoldi & Vic Steamboat D Lou Fabiano & Teddy Brown
Mad Dog Rex D Big Mac
ICW Ladies' Champion Heidi Lee Morgan D The Whip Woman
Tony Atlas D The Dungeon Master in a lumberjack match by DQ when K-9 interfered
Carlos Matthias D ICW Junior Heavyweight Champion Eric Sbracchia by referee's decision  Johnny K-9 D Steve GatorwolfGiant Gustav, Joe Savoldi, & Vic Steamboat D The Super Destroyers & The Boston Bad Boy

ICW TV taping @ Presque Isle Forum
Presque Isle, ME
December 08, 1988
ICW Heavyweight Championship match: Joe Savoldi (champion) vs. Jonathan Boyd
Also appearing: Prince Mike Kahlua, Mad Dog Rex, The Boston Bad Boy, Tom Brandi, Rocky Johnson, Vic Steamboat, Bert Centeno, Eric Sbraccia, The Dungeon Master, Giant Gustav, Mike Sundeck, and The Power Twins

ICW TV Taping @ Augusta, Maine
December 28, 1988
Att: 2,500
Steve Keirn D Brett Sawyer
Chris Adams D The Invader (Mike Sundance)
Scott & Ivan Putski D Tony Ulysses & The Lumberjack
Fabulous Phil Apollo DW Pez Whatley
ICW Junior Heavyweight Title: Robbie Ellis D Eric Sbraccia (C) to win the title
Tom Brandi D Mike Kahlua
Tommy Rich D The Invader (same guy)
Vic Steamboat DW Moondog Spike
Ivan Putski D Bob Orton
Power Twins d. Scott Putski & Tony Atlas
ICW Heavyweight Title: Jonathan Boyd (the booker during this timeframe) d. Joe Savoldi (C) after the Duke's interference
Vic Steamboat won a two-ring battle royal and $50,000
Also appearing: Sky Low Low

ICW TV taping @ Kutscher's Country Club
Monticello, NY
February 17, 1989
Att: 550 
Scheduled to appear: Don Muraco, Tom Brandi, Tony Atlas, Invader #3 (Johnny Rivera, from Puerto Rico), The S&S Express (Joe Savoldi & Vic Steamboat) and Phil Apollo

ICW TV Taping @ Augusta, ME
March 5, 1989
Att: 1,100
ICW Tag Team Titles: Dynamic Duo d. S&S Express (C) to win the titles
ICW Heavyweight Title: Tony Atlas (C) vs. Ivan Putski
Also appearing: Scott Putski

ICW @ Bronx, NY
May 21, 1989
Joe Savoldi D Tony Atlas by DQ
Phil Apollo D. Brian Walsh
Vic Steamboat D Eric Sbraccia
Battle royal featuring Iron Mike Sharpe & Jose Luis Rivera

ICW @ Fort Schuyler Gym
Throggs Neck, NY
Sunday, May 22, 1989
Phil Apollo won a $10,000, 15-man battle royal and an ICW Championship match
Jumping Joe Savoldi & Gentleman Brian Donahue vs. The Undertakers
Names who appeared: Mr. USA Tony Atlas (ICW Champion), Moondog Spike, Gentleman
Brian Donohue, Brian Walsh, Irresistible Eric Sbraccia, Fabulous Phil Apollo, Ray Odyssey,
Vic Steamboat, Prince Mike Kahlua, Jose Rivera, Tom Mr. Chippendale Brandi, Jumping Joe Savoldi, Tony the Boston Bad Boy Rumble, and The Undertakers 

ICW TV Taping @ Parsippany, NJ
August 19, 1989
Att: 175
Vic Steamboat D Tony Atlas (ICW Heavyweight Champion) by DQ
Also appearing: Bob Orton Jr., Nikolai Volkoff, and Iron Mike Sharpe

ICW @ Rockland Community Building
Rockland, ME
November 12, 1989
Vic Steamboat vs. Tony Atlas
Joe Savoldi vs. The Dungeon Master
Tag team bout and women's championship match also scheduled

ICW @ Gleason's Arena
Brooklyn, NY
December 15, 1989
Att: 200

$20,000, 20-man, Battle Royal, w/winner receiving an ICW Championship shot, including Cowboy Bob Orton Jr., Vic Steamboat, Jumping Joe Savoldi, Tom Mr. Chippendale Brandi, Irresistible Eric Sbraccia, The Rochester Road Block, The Dungeon Master, The Undertakers (Punisher & Henchman), the Oriental Express, Mr. Pogo, Preston Steele, & Surfer Ray Odyssey
Plus a midget match and live Danger Zone w/Paul E. Dangerously 

ICW TV Taping @ O.H. Platt High School
Meriden, CT
December 16, 1989
Start time: 2:00 PM
Featuring Tom Prichard, Tony Atlas, Cowboy Bob Orton Jr., a Midget Match, the Undertakers, Jumping Joe Savoldi, Mr. Pogo, Phil Apollo, and Vic Steamboat

Sponsored by the Meriden Firefighters Local '148
Tickets - $10.00 at the door on the day of show

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