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ICW (TV Taping) – 5/6/85 – Portland, ME
WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion Carlos Colon def Dory Funk Jr.
WWC World Tag Team Champions The New York Rockers (Al Perez & Joe Savoldi) vs The Sheepherders went to a double disqualification
Joe Savoldi def Ray Apollo
Eric Embry def Joe Savoldi
David Schultz def Charlie Brown
Dory Funk Jr. def Fred Marzino
Invader III def El Gran Apollo
Joe Savoldi def The Hangman
WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion Carlos Colon def The Russian Assassin in a non-title match
Eric Embry def Rudy Diamond

ICW – 7/18/85 – High School Football Field – Parsippany, NJ
12-man Battle Royal with winner to meet Universal Heavyweight Champion Dory Funk Jr. Participants: Joe Savoldi, Afa. Sika, David Schultz, Invader #1, Invader #2, The Tonga Kid, Chief Jules Strongbow, Angelo Gomez, Diamond Jim and Eric Embry
The Haiti Kid vs Butch Cassidy
plus four more matches

ICW – 11/17/87 – Parsippany Hills High School – Parsippany, NJ
Featuring the Iron Sheik, Tony Atlas, Joe Savoldi, Nikita Mulkevich. The Mad Russians and the ladies of POWW plus a 10-man Battle Royal

ICW – 8/27/88 – West Valley Pavilion – Phoenix, AZ
ICW Heavyweight Champion Joe Savoldi vs Moondog Spike
Tony Atlas vs The Dungeon Master
10-woman Battle Royal

ICW – 8/28/88 – Centennial Hall – Mesa, AZ
Featuring ICW Tag Team Title match and ICW Ladies Champion Heidi Lee Morgan

ICW – 12/10/88 – High School – Dover, NJ
8-woman Battle Royal with the winner to challenge ICW Ladies Champion Heidi Lee Morgan
14-man $10,000 Battle Royal feat. The Giant Gustav, Eric Sbracchia, Mad Dog Rex, Boston Bad Boy, Lord Jonathan Boyd, Vic Steamboat, The Power Twins, The Dungeon Master, Tom Brandi, Joe Savoldi, Rocky Johnson, Prince Mike Kahlua and Johnny K-9
plus six other matches

ICW – 5/21/89 – Bronx, NY
Joe Savoldi def Tony Atlas by disqualification
Phil Apollo def Brian Walsh
Vic Steamboat def Eric Sbraccia

ICW – 12/15/89 – Gleason’s Gym – Brooklyn, NY
12-man $20,000 Battle Royal (Winner to face ICW Heavyweight Champion Tony Atlas). Participants: Bob Orton Jr., Vic Steamboat Joe Savoldi, Tom Brandi, Eric Sbraccia,
The Rochester Roadblock, The Dungeon Master, The Punisher, The Henchman, Mr. Pogo, Preston Steele and Ray Odyssey
Featuring a live Danger Zone with Paul E. Dangerously

ICW – 4/20/90 – Gleason’s Gym – Brooklyn, NY
ICW Heavyweight Champion Tony Atlas vs The Rochester Roadblock

ICW – 4/21/90 – Playball Sportsplex – Hauppauge, NY
ICW Tag Team Title Tournament Finals featuring Tony Atlas

ICW – 7/25/90 – Hunter Mountain – Hunter, NY
13-man Battle Royal
ICW Heavyweight Champion Tony Atlas vs Ken Patera
The Undertakers vs Ebony & Ivory
Scheduled to Appear: Bob Orton Jr., Eric Sbraccia, Texas Terminator Hoss, Chief Thunder Mountain and more

IWCCW (TV Taping) – 2/22/91 – Lady of Guadalupe Youth Center – Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY
Don Rock def Duke Snyder by disqualification
S.D. Jones def Equalizer Zoo by disqualification
Tommy Madison def Equalizer Zap (w/Equalizer Zip) by reverse decision
G.Q. Madison def Equalizer Zip (w/Equalizer Zap)
IWCCW Heavyweight Champion Vic Steamboat def The Black Scorpion (w/Tony Rumble) by disqualification
Kevin Von Erich def The Tazmaniac (w/Tony Rumble) by disqualification
Curly Moe def Dusty Wolfe
Ivan & Scott Putski def The Masked Iraqis

IWCCW – 8/13/91 – High School – Somerville, NJ (1,000)
IWCCW Heavyweight Champion Tony Atlas (w/Tony Rumble) vs Rick Rude
Little Louie vs Tiger Jackson
Nikolai Volkoff vs The Scorpion
Curly Moe & Ray Odyssey vs The Tazmaniac & Chris Evans (w/Tony Rumble)
Joe Savoldi vs T.D. MadisonRay Odyssey vs The Tazmaniac (w/Tony Rumble) went to a double disqualification
Note: Rude no-showed due to "missing his flight"

IWCCW – 11/10/91 – High School – Somerville, NJ
IWCCW World Heavyweight Champion Tony Atlas vs Koko B. Ware
aslo featured Pat Tanaka and midget wrestlers

IWCCW (TV Taping) – 3/14/92 – Fieldhouse – Hamburg, PA
Featured Joe Savoldi, The Brooklyn Brawler, Greg Valentine, Ray Odyssey and Tony Atlas

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