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 Posted: Mon Aug 26th, 2019 02:48 am
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Franchise wrote: That 6/6/85 show looks legit; does anyone know if that Dr D v Flair match has ever turned up?
An issue of The Wrestler dated October 1985 (but actually published in August, since the Weston mags typically hit the newsstands 2 months ahead of the cover date, except PWI, which was 3 months) ran a story on the Flair-Schultz match that made the cover. I have the issue and will try to scan it later. For now, I can tell you that the headline was "Ric Flair: I Wrestle the Men Hulk Hogan is Afraid of!". Quite a few photos from the match was included in the article, including at least 2 where you can see Tommy Savoldi (Mario's brother) as the referee.

I don't know if the match ever aired on TV, but I can confirm from the TV shows I have from that timeframe that ICW pushed the Flair-Schultz main event heavily. Dr. D even did a couple interviews on TV where he openly called out Hulk Hogan for being a coward for not giving him title shots (Hilarious, considering Hogan and Schultz worked a number of matches during Dr. D's WWF run) and praised Flair for being man enough to face him. The ICW was always eager to namedrop other promotions and wrestlers on TV, especially with their open-door policy and how many other territories they worked with early on.

I'm currently researching and looking for results, line-ups, and clippings for the following territories: International Montreal, Grand Prix Montreal, George Cannon Superstars, Mario Savoldi ICW