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 Posted: Mon Aug 26th, 2019 09:10 pm
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I know that Andrew Luck has had some injury problems and certainly he can retire when he wants to. That said, my understanding is he retired by choice rather than need and I believe, though it is impossible to prove right now, that retirement had to be on his mind for a while. He didn't go to bed one night fully expecting to play in 2019 only to decide to retire the next day. I truly think this had been on his mind for a while. On that basis, criticism of him for the timing of this decision is reasonable. The boos he got from frustrated Colts fans on Saturday night as the news spread has painted people knocking his retirement into a corner of being cold or unfeeling with regard to his physical and mental health. That isn't fair. Andrew Luck making a February decision in late August, fundamentally changing the entire Colts 2019 season when it's too late for the team to make trades, draft choices, and free agency signings to accommodate for the new expectations is worthy of criticism. If he had it in his mind to walk away much sooner, didn't tell the team, and then sprang it on everyone now, it's not good for the team and his teammates.