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 Posted: Wed Aug 28th, 2019 06:53 pm
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srossi wrote: So let me ask this: in the 100+ year history of pro sports, how many times has a team reduced ticket prices after slashing payroll?While I cannot comment on every team, nor every seat, I can say this for absolute fact.  My company has eight Yankees tickets that we've had since the old Stadium.  When the new Stadium was built, the seats moved.  We used to have four seats on field level and four in the 200s.  That stayed in the new Stadium for two years, but since 2010, all eight seats have been in a row in section 223 - right next to the Delta Lounge.  In 2010, those tickets were $125 each.  When the Yankees missed the playoffs in 2013, they dropped the price in 2014 to $120 per game.  It stayed that way through 2016, and in 2017 they dropped again to $114.  I can't comment on that drop because I don't know if they did that whole "static pricing" model of charging more for better teams and less for worse - I have two sets of tickets that year at $114, and one is Easter Sunday vs the Cardinals.  I can't think that those were chosen as a "bad game".  In 2018, my only tix say $138 face but that was a Mets game and they could be increasing for that.  But short story long - the Yankees pretty much cut prices after they missed the playoffs and started their salary trimming ways.

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