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 Posted: Thu Aug 29th, 2019 10:32 am
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Heenan Fan wrote: Sounds like a wrestling message board(s) - not this one -after a certain Crimson Mask (or a CM wannabe) bans everyone they can, knowing they will come back under a hood, thus expanding their registered users. Not fun stuff.

Here comes the fucking tears, again, from the board comedian-wannabe.   Stu’s Spatula probably liquored up, again, telling jokes in front of the mirror.   What a dumb ass.   Who cries and pouts for almost a year after getting your ass banned from a pro wrestling message board?  That is embarrassing. 

Get up on the table and try some more one-liners to get your attention fix, sad little boy. 

In every three or four posts on this board this sad, lonely soul attempts a funny one-liner so to reinforce himself that he is funny to some audience even an internet wrestling message board.   Just think of what type of warped person does that?   Sad or scary....take your pick? 

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