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 Posted: Thu Aug 29th, 2019 09:08 pm
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I've always liked the "you know who it is" mask trick. It was usually a babyface who did it, so I just kinda' assumed that the pro-babyface announcers weren't dumb, but also in on the joke.

It's also kind of a legal loophole. "It says here someone named Dusty Rhodes can't wrestle... but what about someone named Midnight Rider?! Ha! Gotcha, there!"

Not really the same thing, but two awesome masks angles I can recall are Chris Adams as the "Avenger", circa 1983 against Jimmy Garvin. Then in 1998 when Dean Malenko entered a battle royal (and won) as "Ciclope". In both cases, the audience was (mostly) shocked when the guy un-masked.