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 Posted: Fri Aug 30th, 2019 02:38 am
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Brett, thanks for the extra clippings! That 11/28/92 Hamburg, PA show looks horrible. Aside from Joe Savoldi, there isn't a single name on that show that I would've paid to see wrestle. The IWCCW years were reduced to a roster of WWF castoffs, no name goofs, and embarrassing gimmicks (Curley Moe, anyone?), with only a few redeeming names (Ray Odyssey, the Tazmaniac, Joe Savoldi, Tommy Dreamer, The Billion Dollar Babies being among the good talent that worked in the IWCCW years). I much prefer the 80s ICW myself.

Regarding ICW/IWCCW announcers, Les Thatcher had 2 runs for the Savoldis. Les Thatcher was actually the first PBP announcer used when the promotion started running full-time at the beginning of 1985. Les was there until April/May of 1985, by which point Gordon Solie took over for a few tapings. Gordon called the Portland, ME tapings and was with the Savoldis through the summer of 1985. Les returned sometime in the fall of 1985 and was paired with Lou Thesz. Thatcher and Thesz called the action until early 1986 (January or February 1986), and were then replaced by Rich Landrum (yes, the same one who worked for Jim Crockett) and King Curtis Iaukea. Personally, my favorite ICW commentators were Les Thatcher and Milt Avruskin (best known for being the English-language PBP guy for International Wrestling from Montreal, and earlier as George Cannon's sidekick on Cannon's Superstars of Wrestling from the mid 70s up to the early 80s). Milt actually called some tapings for ICW in the summer and fall of 1987. I wish he'd stayed on, but since he was from Toronto and mainly worked on TV documentaries and other TV ventures for Canadian TV, he didn't last too long. 

I'm currently researching and looking for results, line-ups, and clippings for the following territories: International Montreal, Grand Prix Montreal, George Cannon Superstars, Mario Savoldi ICW