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 Posted: Fri Aug 30th, 2019 04:59 pm
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The Mr R switch with Tommy Rich and Brad Armstrong getting over on Ted Dibiase in Georgia is probably my favorite.

The Midnight Rider gimmick with Dusty was good - especially when the Midnight Rider beat Flair for the title but then had to relinquish the title since he refused to unmask in front of the NWA President (apparently masked champions were not allowed in the NWA).

However, the Midnight Rider gimmick also got stale when Dusty tried to recycle it years later against the Four Horsemen. Bill Watts was also using the Midnight Rider gimmick in Mid-South so it was difficult to determine who was actually under the mask when reading through the match results in the Apter mags.

For modern day, Edge and Christian as the Conquistadors was a good comedy bit

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