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 Posted: Tue Sep 3rd, 2019 08:33 pm
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tamalie wrote: Naked Gun 33 1/3 was a case of going to the well too often. It was played out. The most memorable moment when I saw it came not from something on screen, but in the audience. A certain former NFL running back, then in jail awaiting trial on double homicide charges, made his first appearance in the movie. This sent the audience into whispers, comments, some boos, and so on. My buddy suddenly bellowed out, "Yes, we all know about OJ. Now be quiet and watch the movie!" People laughed and that cut the tension regarding OJ.

And the whole audience cheered and he was carried aloft out of the theater as the King of All Men.

tamalie wrote:Somewhere along the line it became a federal offense that Forrest Gump won Best Picture for 1994. It has even become derided as a bad movie in some circles, partly due to the cult of Shawshank Redemption. Forrest Gump isn't for everyone and may not be as rewatchable, but it deserved its honor.
This is not true. As I said before, Shawshank gets rated highly by average, but no one thinks it's the best movie of all time. I think more people rate Pulp Fiction more highly. Forrest Gump is a good film, but it's not a great one. Remember that the Oscars are just industry awards for the movie industry, and certain types of movies will always do way. Look at films like The Artist and La La Land. Forgotten about more year after year, but they were always clear favorites to win the Oscars. Forrest Gump had a unique narrative, with the hero living through all those historic American events (such an easy story to write, it's just and then... and then... and then...). It also had groundbreaking, at the time, special effects, with Hanks inserted seamlessly into archival footage. Nothing special today though, but it had never been seen before. It was a perfect film to impress the Academy voters.

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