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I thought I'd post this as it's IWCCW related. In 1999, the Savoldi's started Ultimate Professional Wrestling which was promoted as ICW's sucessor. I remember watching their TV show a few times on America One and was a mixture of current stuff with matches from the archives of the Savoldi's World Entertainment Network (WEN) video library. They had dates at least for shows in the Northeast but not sure if the took place. Here's the UPW website via Internet Archive/The Old Net
One result found off the site
12/30/1999 Civic Center Augusta, ME

Dave Viscious defeated Whack O. Sullivan
The Bushwhackers beat Jerry Bowser & Jason Rage
Amanda Storm beat Precious Lucy
Public Enemy destroyed Jim Shorts & Bryan Chylds
BAD bested "Mr. Italy" Gino Caruso with the "Bad Blaster" submission
Kendall Windham vs. Scott Putski ended in a double disqualification 

when The Power Company and Public Enemy interfered
Brutus Beefcake defeated Bryan ChyldsChylds received a haircut at the hands of "The Barber"

The Power Company beat The Boston Brawler and Dukes Dalton
Beau Douglas defeated Macumba by disqualification
Rick Fuller was disqualified in his bout with Mr. USA -- Tony Atlas
Hercules Kelly beat Luis Ortiz
Mark Jaguar defeated Robbie Ellis
Rick Fuller pinned David D' Angelo
Kid USA beat Luis Ortiz
BAD over Mark Jaguar
Kendall Windham & The Power Company vs. Scott Putski & Public Enemy
ended in a no-contest when the referee lost control of the match

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