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 Posted: Thu Sep 5th, 2019 03:05 am
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Papa Voo wrote: I just looked it up and soda/pop consumption was at a 30-year low. 

Does anybody still drink it?  

20+ years ago I lived off of Diet Pepsi.   

Pop machine at work hardly gets used. 

How low will the consumption drop? 

I used to drink pop in school religously, more of a diet coke guy.  Hell, I remember having a Barq's root beer for breakfast everyday.  Was into Coke Zero quite a bit too.  I completely cut it out of my diet about six years ago.  Occassionally, I'll have a Coke Zero (like, once or twice  a year now) and don't really enjoy it.  
I am living off of LaCroix now.  I like the Lime and the Passion Fruit.  We get the Costco two pack for a deal.  I'm sure this shit isn't good for you in the long run either, but essentially it's just carbonated water, so its not as bad as the chemicals they put into Coke and Pepsi that can eat the rust off your hubcaps.

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