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 Posted: Thu Sep 5th, 2019 02:28 pm
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I drink it every day. Probably 3-4 a day. Diet Coke, Diet Dew, sometimes regular of each. Especially when I go to Disney, I fill up my mug with real Coke because their machines always have the proper mix and it tastes perfect.

I would love to cut down and eventually eliminate. As far as cost, I've switched from cans to two liter bottles back in January 2018. My company started giving us free soda at that point, so I don't need cans to have in the car on my way to work or under my desk during the day. As far as health is concerned, I'm getting to an age where, like Rossi, I think I can feel it doing damage to me. Yes, I say "think", because I really don't think we can actually feel it harming us. But mentally, I'm starting to get bothered by drinking soda. I can't quit cold turkey though, the caffeine drop will send me into a major migraine and I can't deal with that. So I've been starting a very slow drop in quantity. I used to drink a six per day, and I'm down in the 3-4 range, and I'm going to eventually get down to one in the AM and one around 3, then cut to one in the AM, then nothing. But I see that light in about two years at the pace I'm cutting back.

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