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 Posted: Fri Sep 6th, 2019 02:11 am
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tamalie wrote: I was somewhat high on the Chargers, but think they're making a big mistake playing hardball with Melvin Gordon. He's one of their best offensive weapons and now he's been granted permission to arrange a move to another team. Pay the guy and for the Super Bowl! Rivers is going to show his age soon, so make the push now, especially with a new stadium coming next year and seats to sell.I think any team who signs a RB to a big contact, say anything over $7 million per year, is being very foolish. Like I said in the Zeke thread, RB has never been less relevant. Matt Breida is a top 10 NFL back when healthy. He makes less than $700,000 per year. They should spend their money more wisely, for a pass rusher or tackle. Not to mention they're going to need a new QB soon. 

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