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 Posted: Fri Sep 6th, 2019 02:21 pm
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Brown got a million signing bonus. If he is not active for Week One for anything that's not an injury, the Raiders can cut him at any point in time and not pay him. He will continue to earn game checks if he is in uniform, and if the Raiders keep him, he can earn all of his money. But the whole suspension for Week One will completely void the guarantee part of the money. So if they play half a season with him (like they did a few years ago with DeAngelo Hall) and the season falls apart and they decide they don't want him, they can cut him and owe him zero.

Personally, as a Raiders fan and a guy willing to give Antonio Brown another chance, I feel the Raiders need to suspend him this week. You cannot get away with threatening to punch your boss in the face and have no consequences. Make him actually EARN his money, and if he doesn't earn it, get rid of him. The threat of a $40k fine set him off to this point, imagine him losing $30M? I think he will be on his best behavior after this, because if not, I can't imagine there will be more than one or two GMs that would put themselves out there to sign a guy that likes threatening GMs.

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