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 Posted: Mon Sep 9th, 2019 05:21 pm
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srossi wrote: So how does the NFL allow this shit to happen? Everything I've read this weekend is that AB never intended to play for the Raiders and made no good faith effort to be a part of the team. That completely destroys the idea of contracts, trades, etc. if all superstar players just decide they're not going to play where they don't want to. I feel like other leagues wouldn't allow this and would make him sit out at least a year.
What the NFL could do regarding making Antonio Brown sit out until next season is dictated and limited by the collective bargaining agreement with the NFLPA. The same goes for the Raiders and how far they could go with suspending and fining Brown although the lengths to which the team went before cutting him were within the confines of what the CBA allows. There's nothing in the CBA that would prevent Brown from becoming a free agent once the Raiders released him. Even though he wound up being a major problem for the Raiders and they cut him, once cut he's not treated any differently than a hard working, backup linebacker who got cut because his team needed the roster spot for someone else.
Regarding the question of whether Brown intentionally caused disruptions designed to get the Raiders to release him and enable him to become a free agent, there is an appendix in the CBA that provides the exact wording a team must use when warning a player that he has not made a good faith effort to be a productive player. However, that language is used as a means of informing a player that he would lose the termination pay as spelled out by his contract and the CBA if he does not remedy the situation and is subsequently cut as a result of his behavior.