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 Posted: Mon Sep 9th, 2019 05:09 pm
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I have no doubt whatsoever that this was an orchestrated plan by Rosenhaus and AB to get out of Oakland going back to the helmet issue. There seems to be a growing number who believe this now. This was slick. Everybody should have seen it coming as he did the same thing in Pittsburgh! To do it twice in 6 months does deserve some applause whether you love him or hate him. It took balls. Everybody bought into it, AGAIN. I think Rosenhaus was the master puppeteer in this.

I do not think the Patriots had a hand in the master plan. I think if anything, they said, “”If you create the opportunity, we will be here.” The only allegations I am hearing is how quick he was signed from when he was released and has some people making accusations of tampering.

The NFL needs to step up with some new rules since this issue has been exposed. A player should not be able to express total disregard of team and NFL rules and maintain negative behavior to the point of making a team cut them or trade them and thus creating an opportunity for the said player to sign with a better team and/or more money.

My only issue is how are they going to sweep the “cracker” comment under the rug. To me, this is a violation of NFL policy plus a physical threat to a manger and these things do not violate the NFL Code of Conduct?

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