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 Posted: Mon Sep 9th, 2019 06:28 pm
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I am sure that as the Antonio Brown situation bubbled to a boil and then over boiled with the Raiders, the Patriots ran through scenarios about getting him ranging from him being released or engineering a trade. What they'd pay him and what he'd want or need had to be part of the scenario. Then when Brown hit the market, the Patriots were ready to move and brought him in. I truly doubt there was any tampering and I have no love for or allegiance to the Patriots.

The Raiders could have ordered an official investigation of Antonio Brown's conduct and put him on leave with pay pending the results. However, I think the team decided it would never work and that the problems would be worse when he was eligible to return. So Brown took a theoretically worse punishment and got fired. However, Antonio Brown is talented enough that he had immediate new opportunities.

For those who are interested in parallels, this about the stage of Terrell Owens' career when his still considerable talent became not enough for several teams to decide he wasn't worth the trouble. Brown has 9 seasons of service. TO after 9 seasons of service played for 4 teams in the next 6.

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