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 Posted: Mon Sep 9th, 2019 05:43 pm
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AB followed the script, beginning with the helmet. The Raiders could have done several things, but they did not, because that is not how the NFL works.

I think the entire issue does deserve an investigation at the very least by the NFL. Not saying they would find anything, but there is definitely the perception there is more to this scenario than what is being put out there. There are some reporters out there who got to know AB pretty well and have said that the whole change of behavior in Pittsburgh leading up to his demand for a trade occurred very fast. The allegation at that time was that his behavior and actions were questionable in regards to motive not necessarily some behavior problem or psychological disorder.

The NFL has a real issue on their hands now. For as much as much as they have been trying to lay out the positive PR, this incident will be damaging. It may not lead to a great backlash, but there is some already out there. Bill Cowher and James Brown talked about it yesterday. The message is clear in this case (two incidents for AB) that bad behavior gets rewarded. The NFL does not want to wear that tag, especially at this time.

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