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 Posted: Wed Sep 11th, 2019 09:34 pm
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The Coup is a hip hop group that has never had big sales, but managed to get its albums into the lower reaches of the R&B charts and get a song or two some minor radio and video traction. The problem for this group was it was not overtly commercial during a mid 1990s and onward period when the world of hip hop was filled with artists that wanted to be as commercial as possible. The group was very political and highly left wing in its outlook.

It's album "Party Music" was supposed to come out in mid September. That didn't happen, because the art work featured the group blowing up the World Trade Center. The art work for the album had been created back in June, but after 9/11 it was understandably pulled back and put out in November with a new cover. The band got absolutely pounded by right wing radio as well as from those with different political outlooks who thought the cover was in bad taste under any circumstances. The publicity probably helped get The Coup some sales while the stores that would likely refuse to sell it never were going to stock it anyway.

The original cover art work.

The replacement cover art work.