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 Posted: Thu Sep 12th, 2019 05:24 am
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I think free agency is a good thing because as much as I side with the owners the players only have so many productive years in their body and shouldn’t be stuck sitting behind An all pro player for 6 years. That being said if a player signs a contract they should fulfill it to the best of their ability.

As sports and player feelings evolve I think the contract system should as well be that shorter contracts or entirely performance based contracts. I think it’s garbage that players can skip off season work outs and train on their own instead in exchange for giving up bonus money. If the team has a practice on June 2nd the players should be there regardless of the players perceived value of said practice. It shouldn’t be up to them to pick and choose what they think is best. If I was paying a player to be on my team and work out with my coaching staff I would expect him to be there and ready to perform.

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