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 Posted: Thu Sep 12th, 2019 04:31 pm
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The challenge for Artie is going to be when he gets back on the road doing stand-up gigs. A lot of those road comics do drugs and drink. Artie basically makes his living in places that sell booze. Plus he is going to have tons of assholes at his shows trying to offer him coke and heroin just so they can say they partied with their folk hero Artie Lange.

I can't see him making anywhere near the amount of money he was making in the 2000's. He won't be able to afford taking his sponsor on the road with him. It won't be bad around the tri-state area where he can drive, but I doubt he will want to fork out the money for another plane ticket to take someone with him that can watch over him.

I'm hoping for the best with Artie, but he really needs to take it slow easing back into stand-up.