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 Posted: Thu Sep 12th, 2019 11:01 pm
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cdewar19 wrote: lobo316 wrote: Angelic Assassin wrote: lobo316 wrote: I like free agency in sports - it's salary caps I don't like.A team can't sign free agents  or trade for a player if the deal puts them over the cap.
They can in the off season, can they not, as long as they are cap compliant by the start of the season. In hockey anyways this is the case.
Baseball has the luxury tax, no, so the cap is superfluous for the big market teams where everybody wants to go anyways.
The whole basketball salary structure is a nightmare that is circumvented creatively by many teams.
Football is where it seems to really impact teams.
I like salary caps as they are better than the older systems like in hockey where if you were born in a certain are you technically belonged to a team for life. Made for some power house Montreal Canadiens teams.
And at least salary caps make for a semblance of parity and teams not having yo constantly relocate or fold.The Montreal Expos might still exist were it not for the stupidly escalating salaries in baseball.Mind you their ownership sucked as well.

I take the opposing view on salary caps. Take the Leafs, for example.Just when they have become respectable, they will soon have to dismantle  their team.Mitch Marner wants Auston Matthews money. If the Leafs cave in to his salary demands, they will soon have to trade one of them for prospects or cheaper players just to make the cap.My guess is they'll trade Matthews, since he's American.

They should trade Nylander, because they overspent on him. They never should have signed Tavares, because they knew the young talent they had on the roster needed more money in the future. Their current salary cap crunch is entirely self-inflicted, same as the Winnipeg Jets overspending and giving no-trade clauses to veterans, and now they can't clear cap space to sign their young scorers.

The Jets drafted well despite never finishing last or lucking into 1st overall as often as the shitbird Oilers.Too much term and a little too much money for Little but they smartly got rid of Ladd who's been a bust for the Islanders.Wouldn't of signed Kulikov but just over 4M is not horrible.Scheifele, Ehlers, maybe Hellebuyck ( would have gone bit lower for him) and now Morrissey at about 6M each are all pretty good deals compared to what other teams have paid or what is being asked.
Heck something named Nate Schmidt is making 8M + this season for Vegas.

This thread was great till Rossi posted that AA ruined it.

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