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 Posted: Sun Sep 15th, 2019 11:24 am
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The Best of Memphis Wrasslin Vol. 4

- Monster heels sing the music of their homeland.
- Bill Dundee's ego shows through as he beats up multiple babyfaces by himself.
- Jerry Lawler wins a squash in a most amusing manner.
- Memphis becomes a hot territory as The Flame, The Torch, The Inferno and Fire all make appearances.
- Tojo Yamamoto sets back race relations 50 years with his promos.
- Promoter Eddie Marlin is busted up while trying to get involved in a battle between Jeff Jarrett, Pat Tanaka and Tojo's hired goons.
- We close with a bonus six man match from JCP where the JYD partners with an ex-football player, and a notoriously bad worker to face off with a former world champ, a crippled manager and a resthold loving Oriental assassin! Can it be as bad as it sounds?