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 Posted: Mon Sep 16th, 2019 08:12 pm
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beejmi wrote: Popularity moreso. Baseball deserves mention definitely.
A number of things have turned me (and I suspect a number of other fans) off about baseball:

1) Data overload: Launch angles, bat velocity, blah...blah...blah. The announcers on TV constantly gush over these stats more than the actual score of the game. Personally, I think it is all just a big commercial for Amazon Web Services that provides all of the data

2) Hitting into "the shift": This is all too common now. The defense all moves to the right side of the field since a computer has analyzed the data and determined that a hitter pulls the ball to the right side of the field 95% of the time. Does the hitter even try to hit the ball to the left side of the field? Nope, instead he smashes it into "the shift" and makes an out. Batters even refuse to drop down a bunt since it violates some unwritten rule of baseball.

3) Female announcers: ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball announce team sucks! Listening to Jessica Mendoza call the action while adding her "personal knowledge" from her softball playing days ruins it for me. I can't listen to NY Yankee radio broadcasts either due to the female announcer's voice/demeanor.

4) I still haven't gotten over the performance-enhancing drug scandal. This is another reason why I can't stand ESPN's broadcast team. Seeing Alex Rodriguez smiling at the camera after all of the lies he told and all of the people that he slandered/ruined while trying to cover up his steroid use just ruins the game for me. I think that MLB should be ashamed of the message that sends to kids - "Cheat to get ahead, screw everybody else"

5) Youth participation dropping off due to other sports (soccer, lacrosse) gaining popularity: I have regularly coached youth sports over the past 20 years and the number of kids playing youth baseball has dropped steadily over the past 10 years. Where our 9-10 league used to have approximately 120 kids playing each season, we now have about half as many now. The other age group leagues have similar declines. In comparison, soccer enrollment has probably increased 3-4x over the past 10 years. The only sport that has had a steeper decline in participation has been football (I assume due to concussion concerns).

6) Youth participation dropping off due to cost: It used to be that kids could join the local youth baseball league at no cost and that the costs of the league would be covered by local business sponsorships, concession stand sales, and 50/50 raffles. Nowadays, the cost for baseball leagues is much higher due to escalating liability insurance costs, permit fees, etc. In my area, the registration fee for a child is close to $200 per season. Additionally, kids have to provide their own equipment - including bats (which can easily cost $100 for a decent, not great, model). At the lower levels, there are a lot of fielders just standing around since the batters are still learning to hit and the pitchers are still learning to pitch. As a result, games are often walkfests/K-fests with very little action for the fielders. That is a lot of money to plunk out to just have your kid stand around for 2 hours.

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