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 Posted: Mon Sep 16th, 2019 10:51 pm
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Big Garea Fan wrote:

6) Youth participation dropping off due to cost: It used to be that kids could join the local youth baseball league at no cost and that the costs of the league would be covered by local business sponsorships, concession stand sales, and 50/50 raffles. Nowadays, the cost for baseball leagues is much higher due to escalating liability insurance costs, permit fees, etc. In my area, the registration fee for a child is close to $200 per season. Additionally, kids have to provide their own equipment - including bats (which can easily cost $100 for a decent, not great, model). At the lower levels, there are a lot of fielders just standing around since the batters are still learning to hit and the pitchers are still learning to pitch. As a result, games are often walkfests/K-fests with very little action for the fielders. That is a lot of money to plunk out to just have your kid stand around for 2 hours.
This is huge. My kids are well beyond that being they're both married women now. However, my wife's grandsons are a perfect example. Both of her grandsons live in Texas. The older one is 11 and he's on a fast tracked football team. To suit this kid up for one season costs the kids parents close to a grand (which my wife happily pays into). Football is a religion in Texas and this kid shows a lot of promise so no way are his parents backing down. Her younger grandson is 7 and his father played college baseball and his mother played college softball. Put him on the diamond right? Sure, as soon as eyveryone can pony up the $400 beans it cost to play. I played varsity baseball and varsity basketball in high school and it didn't cost my parents a thing. Little League and Babe Ruth league cost my folks about $20 for the year and CYO basketball was even less at $15. It's really a disgrace what Obama has done to Little League sports.

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