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 Posted: Mon Sep 16th, 2019 11:05 pm
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Baseball is God awful.
Strikeouts and home runs and that's it. 
The shift is something akin to the trap in hockey but that alone isn't killing baseball.
Unlikeable players in almost every sport. I don't have any fucks to give for most if not all athletes these days. 
And interest in youth baseball is also down in large part because of the length of time it might take a player to get to the show should they continue through youth baseball and the levels that follow.
In hockey you can be playing in the NHL at 18, a year or so older for basketball and say 21 to make the NFL. 
In baseball you might literally be 27 or older by the time you play your first big league game.
IMO way too much concern with the length of games. In every sport. If and it's a big if the game is entertaining who cares how long it lasts. DUCKING MILLENIALS.
Way too much bastardizing of the rules in sports. Hockey games decided with skills competitions.Football games where if you fart in the general direction of a receiver it's pass interference.Basketball is 3 point shooting and more travelling than Magellan ever did. Oh and snorting coke off bookers tits in the locker room at half time. Or something like thanTennis is Federer or Nadal every tournament. Boring.
I can still watch EPL football. That hasn't changed much. Go Liverpool.
As far as the NFL goes a team like the Miami Dolphins should be told to go sit in the fucking corner. Just give them L's the rest of the way and have them pick last in the first round of the next draft. That team is disgraceful and teams that deliberately fucking bad in any sport should be punished.

This thread was great till Rossi posted that AA ruined it.

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