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 Posted: Tue Sep 17th, 2019 01:59 am
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Superstar wrote: krazykid18 wrote: srossi wrote: I watched it on delay a bit drunk after a BBQ and fell asleep before the main event. I understand I might not have been all that focused, but what I saw seemed putrid. Way too many matches that were all very short until the end. The Styles-Alexander match was a complete squash and a total burial. The first match that had any length was Orton vs. Kingston and that bored me to tears. I really hated everything about this show.  I'll watch Rollins vs. Strowman tonight but I'm fairly confident that they aren't going to save this.
It blows my mind how WWE books fueds in 2019... like If Orton is shitting on Kofi's family and basically disrespecting Kofi and Kofi can't wait to get his hands on him....WHY DOES KOFI COME OUT THROWING FUCKING PANCAKES and then they wrestle a normal match with no intensity like who was the agent for this match
Wow - once again, spot on.  Go back to the '80s, Dusty and Tully had wars, and when Dusty came out he didn't shake hands with the crowd or stop and pose, he looked straight at Tully, hit the ring, and attacked him.  Kofi is mega pissed at Orton, so to get over just how pissed he is, he throws pancakes?!?!?  It makes him look like a fucking idiot.  That was a match where he should have hit the ring, possibly from the crowd, with no music.  Come out while Orton is posing and just nail him from behind.  I guess us people that actually have money to pay WWE don't have the logic that they do, because we are too stupid to know better? 

Ive never been a DDP fan but his through the crowd shit in WCW when he was battling the NWO was awesome as fuck. He looked like a damn maniac hitting the ring and looked like he was running for his life leaving it. 

That rule should be the opposite if someone was “injured” they should totally be selling it on the way to the ring. Perfect excuse for why they jobbed or how impressive they are for winning in spite of it. 

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