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 Posted: Wed Sep 18th, 2019 05:08 pm
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omg65 wrote: If Wyatt wins,I would think the WWE would eventually match him against Strowman who by the way,they have almost totally ruined IMO. They could have Wyatt run roughshod and then finally strap the rocket on Braun at Wrestlemania. Is it too late for Braun ? Just throwing it out there.
It is OVER FOR HIM.....
They killed him in 2017 when he could have and should have been the biggest things in Wrestling in the last ten years, but they had to build Roman to face Brock in 2018 at Wrestlemania, and they had the stupid Brock vs Braun/Regins vs Cena co main event in Oct. 
Then Summerslam they had Brock ho him with the briefcase and toss that shit up the ram, and that was the end of Braun.
He has been useless since then