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 Posted: Thu Sep 19th, 2019 07:10 am
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Phil Silva is quite a character. Weapons smuggler, enforcer for the Hawaiian mafia, most likely a murderer, then he turned states evidence and disappeared into witness protection. He also fathered over 30 children, abandoning every mother and child.

His most heinous crime however was wrestling without a licence (he was denied the licence while out on parole after serving time for smuggling knives into Texas from Mexico). This caused Doc Sarpolis to be given a legit 60 day suspension as a promoter and one care was cancelled completely by the commission on the day of the show. He was blacklisted after this, until he turned up in Hawaii wrestling as The Convict. Hiding in plain sight...

Silva wrestled as Tokyo Tom in West Texas, having used his real name earlier in East Texas. When he left, they brought in Rey Urbano and gave him the name Tokyo Joe, a gimmick Urbano went on to use for years in many territories. Only the Amarillo newspapers acknowledged the license story, in every other town, they claimed Tom was injured and had sent his friend Joe as a replacement.

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