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 Posted: Thu Sep 19th, 2019 09:40 pm
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Gary Carter is remembered as an Expo and then a Met. After leaving the latter team, he had single seasons for the Giants and Dodgers before going back to Montreal for one more year with the Expos before retiring.

Allen Iverson had a big career for the 76ers and then had a brief but productive stint with the Nuggets. He followed that with a season with the Pistons, a 3 game stint with the Grizzlies, and a final short run with the 76ers by which time he'd gone from someone who played near or at his prime in 2007-08 to serviceably in decline in 2008-09 to completely washed up in 2009-10. He had problems with alcohol and other off the court issues that took him down fast. He played his last NBA game at 34 when he conceivably had many years left had he been physically and mentally in shape.