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Here are matches for the Louisville taping which was billed in the newspaper ad as CWA-World Class-AWA Renegades World Championship Wrestling. Renegades was a smokeless tobacco that sponsored the Jarrett group for a good chunk of 1988 and 1989. Not all of these bouts took place.

September 18, 1988 - Louisville Gardens - Louisville, KY
1. Wendi Richter and Magnificent Mimi vs. Madusa Miceli and Debbie Combs
2. Ron Garvin vs. Scott Steiner
3. Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden vs. Bill Dundee and Brickhouse Brown
4. Michael Hayes vs. Iceman Parsons
5. Sgt. Slaughter and Jimmy Snuka vs. Soldat Ustinov and Teijho Khan
6. Wahoo McDaniel vs. Manny Fernandez
7. Jeff Jarrett, Robert Gibson, Greg Gagne, and The Top Guns vs. Badd Company, The Rock & Roll RPMs, and Cactus Jack
8. Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Valiant vs. Kerry and Kevin Von Erich
Plus The Guerreros, The Samoan Swat Team with Buddy Roberts, Steve Cox, Colonel DeBeers and 10 other matches

Tickets cost $10 and $8.

Bell time was 7:00 PM.

Fans were told ESPN cameras would be there.

As far as absences and replacements go Kevin Von Erich no showed and was never mentioned on the tapings and didn't take part in the PPV. Hayes stepped in. Debbie Combs no showed and Robert Fuller's valet and wife Sylvia replaced her.

I remember the tag match with Sarge on TV and the announcement that Snuka wasn't there. Slaughter brought perennial Memphis jobber Keith Eric in as his partner and there was eventually an angle with DeBeers running in. I'd always assumed Snuka was never supposed to be there and am legitimately shocked to see his name in the ad.

For the ten man tag, note that Greg Gagne is in the match and Robert Gibson is alone. Ricky Morton was still in JCP and worked a card for that promotion on the day this ad ran, 9/11/88 which was one week before the Louisville taping. During the week he quit and by the following weekend was at the tapings with Robert as the Rock & Roll Express.