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 Posted: Fri Sep 20th, 2019 04:03 pm
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Franchise wrote: I enjoy old school shit talking but Omega really comes across like a complainer to me; Nothing about him seems cool.
Cool doesn't mean the same thing to you and me that it means to the new generation.  All the shit that used to get kids pushed into lockers when I was growing up (video games, anime, binge-watching TV shows on a Friday night before binge-watching was a thing) are now cool, and Omega and the AEW guys are into all that shit.  This is cool for the YouTube generation.  "Ric Flair cool" doesn't exist anymore, and considering how pathetic Ric Flair is now, I can't say that's a bad thing. 

Omega's trying to get a reaction, but the problem is he's already making exceptions and will wind up crying and apologizing within hours.  I give him credit for attempting trash talk in 2019, but in the age of Twitter it never goes well.  And the biggest marks are always behind the curtain and genuinely seem confused by it.

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.