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 Posted: Fri Sep 20th, 2019 07:06 pm
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Superstar wrote: srossi wrote: Franchise wrote: I enjoy old school shit talking but Omega really comes across like a complainer to me; Nothing about him seems cool.
Cool doesn't mean the same thing to you and me that it means to the new generation.  All the shit that used to get kids pushed into lockers when I was growing up (video games, anime, binge-watching TV shows on a Friday night before binge-watching was a thing) are now cool, and Omega and the AEW guys are into all that shit.  This is cool for the YouTube generation.  "Ric Flair cool" doesn't exist anymore, and considering how pathetic Ric Flair is now, I can't say that's a bad thing. 

Omega's trying to get a reaction, but the problem is he's already making exceptions and will wind up crying and apologizing within hours.  I give him credit for attempting trash talk in 2019, but in the age of Twitter it never goes well.  And the biggest marks are always behind the curtain and genuinely seem confused by it.Let's be honest - Flair really wasn't cool in 1985 either, it just seemed like he was.  Walking around looking like a million bucks all while not paying his taxes, cheating on his wife, walking out on his kids - that's the sign of a total piece of shit.  But we loved him, so he was the coolest of the cool.
Now Kenny Omega says something that he probably believes in his heart, and everybody has a problem with it? 

When you grow up, is anyone cool?  Frank Sinatra and his ilk were pieces of shit.  All the '80s rockers seem pretty pathetic in retrospect.  And I don't think for one second that Omega believes what he's saying in his heart.  If he does, he's deluded.

I do think that firing shots at NXT like this is silly.  I get it, but it's silly.  NXT is pretty much the perfect company.  It's just a really tremendous blend of wrestling action, storytelling, and emotion to get you to care about these guys.  AEW can probably match the wrestling, but the storytelling and emotion is really lacking so far (although I'll wait until they have weekly TV to judge them).  

Everyone says it's impossible to get the fans in 2019 to care about anyone like they did in the '70s, but NXT has done it.  That's going to be a huge hurdle for AEW, and taking shots at guys the smart fans love like Gargano and Ciampa isn't going to help.  Vince counter-programming with NXT instead of anything WWE was brilliant fucking strategy to prevent this type of rhetoric and make AEW look bad for trying it.  Omega could shit on Reigns and Kingston all day long and no one would bat an eye, but the Internet doesn't like him talking shit about their indy heroes who happen to be under a WWE contract.  It's the smartest thing Vince has done since 2001.  Now, he needs to have the self-control to stay far away from NXT and not change a thing, but I have my doubts he can do that.  Doing nothing is Vince's key to victory here.  Don't give AEW the ammunition to pivot and say, "Well the NXT stars really are great but Vince ruined the booking so watch us instead."       

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