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 Posted: Sun Sep 22nd, 2019 04:16 pm
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Chitown Rich wrote: Philadelphia, PA
Dick the Bruiser & Dr. Jerry Graham
vs Wild Man Fargo & Don Stevens

Chief Big Heart vs Larry Simons
Len Rossi vs Doc Doganero
Aldo Ventura vs Mighty Kato

Friday, March 29, 1957 - Adelphia AC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Len Rossi beat Doc Doganero
Mighty Kato beat Aldo Venturi
Chief Big Heart beat Larry Simmons
Dr. Jerry Graham & Dick the Bruiser drew Wild Man Fargo & Don Stevens

I always thought that this Dick the Bruiser record book was the best thing we ever did as a group on here. I liked that Jim would update the  record with all the new results. It's a shame that Ron doesn't have the time to look after this forum in the same way, which I completely understand, I wouldn't either. I stopped adding new stuff because there was no way that I was going to trawl through the whole thing every time to see if I had found something that wasn't listed. I hadn't looked for a long time, and I see that Rich is adding loads of new stuff, so if I can dig up the results, I will.

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