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 Posted: Sun Sep 22nd, 2019 04:34 pm
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- Kamala is given bowling lessons in your painful show long "humorous" bits. 
- A former heavy hitting headliner is squashed by the new monster heel in town
- JR does his best to make mediocre matches important in the big picture
- Macho Man and Undertaker's unlikely bromance is revealed. 
- Typhoon has a surprisingly watchable fight with Bam Bam Bigelow. 
- Repo Man breaks several laws on camera as his side job is given a (long) profile. 
- Bret Hart and HBK have another stellar match as both men claw their way up the rankings. 
- Heel Doink messes with poor Kamala's simple mind. 
- The Undertaker matches magic powers against voodoo powers as he collides with Papa Shango. 
- A battle royal ends with a GIANT surprise.
- Mr. Perfect squares off with Ric Flair as a time traveling JR calls the action, 
- Macho Man and Bobby Heenan drop insider lingo and possible shoot comments as they argue over Savage and Flair's feud.