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 Posted: Sun Sep 22nd, 2019 09:00 pm
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carpetbeggar wrote: WongLee wrote: GP - Penitentiary Life Wes Watson - This guy is as entertaining as they come. He's a totally roided up ex-con who gives you handy tips on how to survive in prison if the cops ever find that dead hooker in your trunk. Wes is insanely over the top and he really thinks he's a modern day Dale Carnegie. He's a bit of a white supremacist but only because prison made him that way. His stories are definitely interesting and are hilarious in that Ed Wood type way of being so bad it's good.
So what about you Hillbilly Retards. What are some of your favorite YouTube subs.

Have you cliqued up yet? 
What car are you riding with Wong?
WongLee...Going by your name, I'd say your ridin' with the others.

We need to start checking the paperwork of some of the posters here. They better hoop that shit in or some wigs are going to get split. Plus I think we got a few cheek busters lurking around here. Watch out, I wouldn't want anyone to take your cheeks Wong.

I have gone down the rabbit hole with all these prison life channels. Good stuff.

I love watching Wes's videos, but apparently Wes was PC. he mentioned that he was in Mule Creek for a bit. I guess Mule Creek is all PC. Also he says he did 10 years, but people that have seen his paperwork say he only did 7 or 8 years. He talked about being in a riot in a prison in Oklahoma, but people that were there said he had no part of it. The Whites were all locked up in their cells when it kicked off.

Check out this guys channel. "Prison Break Raw". He did a lot of time in the CDCR.

Here is a video he did on Wes: carp, I see you DEFINITELY have seen some of these vids. It's so hilarious that these YouTube prison guys are having beefs with other YouTube prison guys. Wes not only has his how to survive in prison with only a minimal of rape, but he has his own "self-help" channel too. The guy seems sincere I'll give him that. Somehow I think he's going back to the hoosegow within the next two years or so.

As far as MY paperwork goes, I got it hooped so, I'm good. Plus you know I'll put in the work for my people if my celly is a chomo.

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